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The best time   full length track

Jazz manouche style, beautiful Gypsy flavor with the swing articulation. Django Reinhardt Sound-Alikes.
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Price: $49.00

composer: Ausilio Camboni | duration: 88 seconds | size: 14.94 Mb

Romantic Parisian Cafe Accordion   full length track

Bubbly romantic French accordion music featuring double reed musette, gently brushed drums, upright bass and gypsy guitar. Flowing and uplifting music for cafes and restaurants, cooking and cuisine, or simply walking in the park underneath the Eiffel Tower.

Price: $39.95

composer: Patrick Coen | duration: 154 seconds | size: 26.05 Mb

Free People   full length track

Bright & perplexing, featuring passionate accordion, energetic guitar and ethnic percussion that create an enthusiastic, hopeful & adventurous mood. A lively, pulsing World Beat tarantella evoking careless gypsy, proud celebration, flowing exotic dance & Italy countryside. Well suited for cinema movie, happy trailer, joyful travel documentary & for projects needing a confident, determined & rhythmic soundtrack with festive, building sound (Fast,119bpm/Dm)
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Price: $49.95

composer: Valkristo | duration: 93 seconds | size: 15.62 Mb

Italian Romance   full length track

Bouncy and light, featuring acoustic guitar and mandolin. Creates a cheerful and romantic mood. Italian food, Italian romance, Mediterranean, travel, World, exploration, European, vacation.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Art Munson | duration: 98 seconds | size: 16.57 Mb

Flamenco Guitar   short clip/ident

Positive, energetic and joyful flamenco track. Guitars, bass, percussion. Fast tempo. No vocals.

Price: $40.00

composer: Ilya Truhanov | duration: 36 seconds | size: 6.07 Mb

Curious Silence   full length track

Curious, acoustic and bittersweet music with a French feel. Suitable for documentary style storytelling. Instruments include, marimba, mandolin, harmonium, upright bass and percussion.
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Price: $20.00

composer: Hakan Eriksson | duration: 111 seconds | size: 18.72 Mb

Valse de Avenue   full length track

A light waltz for acoustic guitar and accordion. A perfect fit for advertising, travel show or cooking show.

Price: $39.00

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 86 seconds | size: 14.55 Mb

Sunny Spring   full length track

It features nylon guitar, live strings, piano and more. An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for Films, Drama and more.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Madfish | duration: 144 seconds | size: 24.74 Mb

Argentinian Ballroom   full length track

Romantic orchestral track in an Italian waltz style. The melody is played on a nylon-stringed guitar, accompanied by strings and piano.

Price: $30.00

composer: AP Music | duration: 141 seconds | size: 23.74 Mb

Merry polka   full length track

This folk tune was made with a live instruments as flutes, accordion and guitar. Music of eastern Europe countries. Very funny, positive and dancing. Good for the travel and comedy projects and villagers life.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 184 seconds | size: 31.08 Mb

Now The Green Blade Riseth   full length track

A traditional French melody arranged for acoustic guitar and bass recorder. The recorder lends a medieval folk renaissance sound.
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Price: $32.95

composer: Trad. / arr. by Jonathan Geer and Adam Carney | duration: 105 seconds | size: 17.72 Mb

Like a thief in the night   full length track

Great short intro for comedies. Vary spacious and rhythmic theme; fun and memorable. Excellent for transitions from one mood to another.

Price: $19.95

composer: Leon Riskin | duration: 35 seconds | size: 5.93 Mb

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