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Rampart   full length track

Aggressive modern rock track fusing nu metal, hip hop and latin, switching between brutal down tuned nu metal guitars, cheeky, playful latin piano tumbaos and slamming hip hop metal drums. Strong, forceful modern crossover metal track in a similar style to The Shield theme, NTSF, Korn etc.

Price: $80.95

composer: Deep Sounds | duration: 103 seconds | size: 17.35 Mb

Tango La Luna   full length track

Romantic and passion soundtrack in Latino style featuring accordeon, piano,spanish guitar, castanets, percussive instruments. Will work well like soundtrack for movie, sitcom, Spanish theatre, travel. Serious, dancing, tango, passion, love. Tempo is 88 Bpm

Price: $39.99

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 212 seconds | size: 35.77 Mb

Chopin Latinas   full length track

This track is a quote from a Chopin Etude in A minor coupled with hot latin spice rock feel,Features Piano Melody, and rhythmic guitars,percussion,Brass hits,breaks,and Santana flavored lead Guitar. Think Latinas schooled in the art of European fashion. TV,corporate ,latin , advertising, corporate. advertising ,television.

Price: $50.00

composer: Protunes | duration: 117 seconds | size: 19.43 Mb

Salsa On The Rocks   full length track

Very fun, upbeat and smoking salsa track with real horn section, groovy bass, real drums and keyboard, and especially real authentic percussion with conga, clave and shakers. Flowing, sexy and sultry ready for the South Beach nightclub scene. Hot and fun time dancing till you drop. Spicy and sizzling. The percussion and drums pound and add the overall fire to the track.
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Price: $49.99

composer: Scott Ross | duration: 159 seconds | size: 26.76 Mb

New York Latin Jazz   full length track

Powerful big band latin jazz music with brass, afro percussion and a lots of cuts. Perfect for any primetime show. Check alt cuts, underscores, stingers and loops. Thanks for listening...
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Price: $49.95

composer: Oliverio Duhalde | duration: 45 seconds | size: 9.96 Mb

Latin piano montuno   full length track

Latin piano playing montuno rhythm. Very happy and optimist. Organic and easy listening music will fit for background and ambient situations. This 60 seconds of music will be great for commercials, spots, and corporate projects

Price: $19.95

composer: Manuel Ochoa | duration: 59 seconds | size: 9.96 Mb

Latin   full length track

Latino feelgood music with some vocals without words. Nice acoustic feel with horns, bassline and acoustic guitar. Summer and the beach in Miami.

Price: $29.95

composer: Christian rønn | duration: 40 seconds | size: 6.74 Mb

Spanish Home   full length track

Meditarranean music featuring guitar and percussion. Memorable theme for summer and travel scenes.

Price: $29.00

composer: Yann Keerim | duration: 74 seconds | size: 12.48 Mb

Old Rose Velvet   full length track

Touching and emotional track with reminiscenses of a Bolero, this music is great for underscore any kind of loving or reflective situations
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Price: $45.95

composer: Julio Kladniew | duration: 157 seconds | size: 26.42 Mb

Party Party Party!   music loop

A fun latin party jam. Electric guitar leads the way and all the latin percussion help him along. Cute and fun. Seamlessly looping.

Price: $19.95

composer: Jonathan Geer | duration: 30 seconds | size: 5.05 Mb

Before We Sleep   full length track

Serenade your loved one with this free-form love ballad performed by solo Spanish guitar. Moments of peacefulness extend throughout this spacious and delicate track. Harmonics at the end of the track give a soft, tranquil ending.

Price: $34.95

composer: Martin Haene / Stefan Sell | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.41 Mb

Never Fade Away   full length track

A romantic and sentimental track with clear Latin American influences. The spanish guitar leads the song with plenty of touching and emotional playing.

Price: $29.95

composer: Johan Giannis Hynynen | duration: 229 seconds | size: 38.60 Mb

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