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Simplify the chaos   full length track

Fun and cool. A tune with a good mood. Everyday life. Featuring rhodes keys, xylophone, gentle bells, pizzicato striings and upright bass.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Leon Riskin | duration: 130 seconds | size: 21.93 Mb

Light   full length track

Inventive drama swirling upwards in a positive light.

Price: $29.90

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 140 seconds | size: 6.04 Mb

Sweepstakes Star   full length track

Quirky and upbeat jazzy orchestral retro kitsch from the 60s.

Price: $44.95

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 74 seconds | size: 13.55 Mb

Strange Potion   full length track

Innovative and enlightened orchestral drama with a touch of the supernatural.

Price: $44.95

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 84 seconds | size: 15.30 Mb

A New Life   full length track

A calming, light orchestral production featuring harp, celeste and strings. Has a peaceful, wondrous sense of relaxing beauty.

Price: $34.99

composer: Joseph Rusnak | duration: 119 seconds | size: 20.07 Mb

Busy Bee   full length track

A quirky and mysterious pizzicato strings and piano based track. The instrumentation is modern, reminiscent of modern film scores like American Beauty and Finding Nemo.
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Price: $27.95

composer: Mark Petrie | duration: 46 seconds | size: 7.76 Mb

Island Adventure   music loop

Quirky and fun, Island Adventure is an instrumental loop that features strummed ukulele and bouncy marimbas and xylophones. Its rich textures and complex rhythms create a feeling of adventure and anticipation.

Price: $39.99

composer: Michael Scott Weber | duration: 116 seconds | size: 19.58 Mb

I Dream Of Janie   full length track

A fun, quirky, lighthearted track that brings you back to happier times. Innocence, playful frolicking, a walk in the park, family picnic. Reminiscent of the I Dream of Jeannie theme, but with a modern feel. Would make an excellent game show theme, corporate brand theme. Travel channel. A light, happy Bossa Nova. Video game play loop.
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Price: $49.95

composer: APAMusic | duration: 148 seconds | size: 25.10 Mb

Playful Pizzicato   full length track

Bouncy and upbeat. Featuring melodic pizzicato strings, marimba and acoustic piano. Creates a urgent yet humorous mood. Rom Com, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, The Middle, Wilfred, comedy, The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, kid shows.
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Price: $49.95

composer: Art Munson, Robin Munson | duration: 82 seconds | size: 13.90 Mb

Quirky Gypsy   full length track

European music in a quirky comedy setting ala Hans Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes. Great track for reality tv,film and more.

Price: $50.00

composer: Joseph Olimpio Pignato | duration: 67 seconds | size: 11.43 Mb

Chit Chat   full length track

Light quirky comedy track featuring orchestra great for reality tv,kids shows and more

Price: $45.00

composer: Joseph Olimpio Pignato | duration: 50 seconds | size: 8.41 Mb

Prank   full length track

A whimsical track in the style of a reality TV series such as The Real Houswives of .... Imagine a funny or silly moment from that series and that is the mood and energy captured here. Great for clever moments.

Price: $44.95

composer: John Judd | duration: 133 seconds | size: 22.54 Mb

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