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Better Days   full length track

Fun, Light and festive these toe tapping harmonies are encouraging and bright. The happy up-beat mandolin, acoustic guitar, and banjo melodies will have your audience smiling from ear to ear. They will remember happy memories and dream of better days. They will feel right at home and join in the festivities as they are lured into the moment by this happy tune.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Tim Brown | duration: 139 seconds | size: 23.42 Mb

One-eyed Joe   full length track

Funny and jolly track in a country music style. Country band with a live instruments. Well suited for the funny events, sitcom,country life,video background western music.Live, banjo, violin, harmonica. Fast tempo.
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Price: $39.99

composer: Dmitriy Lukyanov | duration: 208 seconds | size: 35.13 Mb

And you better   full length track

Modern and cool country style guitar motifs that kicks you into a positive and energetic zone.

Price: $59.95

composer: Fatima Mhedden | duration: 140 seconds | size: 23.98 Mb

Barn Dance   full length track

Yee haw! Make sure you hold onto your partner with this hoedown fiddle tune that will provide a great backdrop for country and bluegrass settings that require a high level of energy.

Price: $39.95

composer: Stephen Bashaw | duration: 149 seconds | size: 50.94 Mb

Wildwood Flower   full length track

Traditional bluegrass americana song done on a duo of acoustic guitars. Upbeat and can be used for many things: TV, film, doc, car chase, fight, sadness, dance, humor, travel, cooking, food, and general americana and country and western use.
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Price: $39.95

composer: Blindfold Sound | duration: 45 seconds | size: 7.43 Mb

Gator Swamp Stomp   full length track

A Bluegrass inspired track. To me, it sounds like a gathering of grotesque creatures, dancing and cavorting around a swamp, as dusk falls!!!! Great for Dumb Crooks, backwoods chases, comedy capers, Westerns, kids TV and video games

Price: $34.95

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 119 seconds | size: 20.15 Mb

Medium Rare   full length track

An instrumental in the vein of Spaghetti Westerns, but with a modern feel. Guitar (Acoustic), Drums, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Electric), Strings Tempo-122, medium

Price: $49.95

composer: Wade Mosher | duration: 236 seconds | size: 39.81 Mb

Fisher's Hornpipe   full length track

A traditional fiddle tune performed by solo violin.

Price: $29.95

composer: Trad. / arr. by Jonathan Geer | duration: 104 seconds | size: 17.41 Mb

Down Boy   Loop

Fun,goofy country tune, very suitable as background tune for flash animations or games

Price: $20.00

composer: Martijn de Man | duration: 32 seconds | size: 5.51 Mb

County Kerry Lilt   full length track

A beautiful, warm 45" piece featuring a gentle acoustic rhythm with lead melodies from fiddle/violin and tin whistle. It's a stroll through the Emerald Isle!

Price: $29.95

composer: Brilliant Music | duration: 45 seconds | size: 7.75 Mb

Down South   full length track

Upbeat country with a fun rockabilly vibe! Straight rock drums and bass accompany the guitar riffs, and a harmonica starts and ends the track with a sliding southern twang.
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Price: $44.95

composer: Dorian Charnis | duration: 76 seconds | size: 12.84 Mb

Beantown Shuffle   full length track

Get down and dirty with this slamminí blues-band romp. Electric guitars, electric piano, bass, drums.
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Price: $29.95

composer: Peter Bell | duration: 192 seconds | size: 32.25 Mb

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