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Cascades   full length track

Electro chillout track. Modern beat, synths and synthetic bass line. Highly suitable for material related to future, technology, research and modern life style.
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Price: $34.95

composer: Chill Purpose | duration: 166 seconds | size: 27.98 Mb

Stimulation of life   full length track

Middle tempo romantic loop with piano and sitar melody lines.
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Price: $9.95

composer: Funky Solutions | duration: 12 seconds | size: 2.02 Mb

The Open Road   full length track

Three guitars play counter melodies, accompanied by light percussion. Great accompaniment for a car ride in an open landscape.

Price: $24.95

composer: Hayim Kobi | duration: 80 seconds | size: 13.46 Mb

Oceans   full length track

Chilled out jazzy track with fender rhodes electric piano and acoustic guitar, laid back drum beat with congas. A beautiful piece of music that would be perfect in many kinds of projects.

Price: $19.95

composer: PIR | duration: 164 seconds | size: 27.54 Mb

Breezy Palm   full length track

Jazzy down tempo track with electric piano playing the groovy melody while synthy swirls weave in and out.

Price: $24.95

composer: Dave Falciani | duration: 102 seconds | size: 17.31 Mb

SOFT DREAM   full length track

A soft R&B ballad with a bell melody

Price: $9.95

composer: Alejandro Salas | duration: 21 seconds | size: 3.91 Mb

Whistling in the Wind   full length track

A dreamy landscape of birds and tinkly sounds with a wistful whistle melody.
Long intro with no drum beat then a more rockin second half.
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Price: $19.95

composer: Nathan/Ventress | duration: 128 seconds | size: 21.53 Mb

Balearo   full length track

Chilled Thriller Electronic track with a dark undertow

Price: $49.00

composer: Kate Lloyd | duration: 307 seconds | size: 51.68 Mb

Chill Hiphop    full length track

Chill Hiphop invites listeners to the backstreets of New York where it combines hiphop elements and pop elements.

Price: $29.99

composer: Jared Stevenson | duration: 2 seconds | size: 24.22 Mb

Ethereal Spirits    full length track

Transport your viewers with this inspiring ethereal track. In choruses, spacey guitars, sliding bass, dreamy pianos & synths are guided by a hypnotizing beat. Verses have a lounge-like feel with jazz lite guitar & e-piano solos. Perfect background for contemplative, corporate and commercial videos.
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Price: $59.00

composer: Edouard Andre Reny | duration: 200 seconds | size: 33.72 Mb

Floating   full length track

Inspiring and floating electronica background track for any scientific or research, space or other media projects.
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Price: $39.00

composer: Attila Bencsik | duration: 197 seconds | size: 33.19 Mb

Feeling Free   full length track

Ethereal ambient strings drift into the atmosphere, peaceful and fulfilling. Wave like synths wash into the horizon, steady and light percussion pace it along nicely, a dreamy and graceful Female singer for ethereal perfection. Suits all media projects that require a beautiful & dreamy background incl. travel, holiday, honeymoon, romantic videos, relaxation and so much more.

Price: $30.00

composer: Guido Negraszus | duration: 182 seconds | size: 30.60 Mb

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