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Yellow Jacket Groove   full length track

Yellow Jackets soundalike with vocoder splashes and synth backing.

composer: Justin Nihiser | duration: 64 seconds | size: 11.76 Mb

Price: $29.99
Diffractions   full length track

Everyday household noises (pen clicks, wine classes) mixes with more traditional instruments. Unusual, angelic, suggestible and is a hypnotic hybrid of song writing and music design. Suitable for scenes of innocence, serenity, positivity, celebrations, femininity and parenthood. Great for TV spots, and light segments.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.21 Mb

Price: $39.95
Swingin' Lounge   full length track

A 30" slice of cheesy, cruisy 1960s lounge organ with light backing. Cool and confident, playful and corny at the same time. Good for underscoring anything that needs a hint of a smile!

composer: Brilliant Music | duration: 30 seconds | size: 5.23 Mb

Price: $29.95
Acoustic Guitar - Russian Horse   full length track

Groovy folk melodic piece. Played by acoustic guitars, bass, drums, shaker. I had a picture in mind while composing - Russian villages, long road, lonely horse carrying a cart through a snowy woods.. Could be used in any project which needs background music or a soundtrack.
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composer: Sergei Stern | duration: 67 seconds | size: 11.44 Mb

Price: $29.99
Cascading Downward   full length track

An upbeat, quirky and lively soundtrack with a herky-jerky, spiraling downward feeling that is good for scenes depicting falling from the sky, plummeting out of control, racing downhill, nose dives, reality TV contests and more. With a steadily descending melody and chaotic brass and drum accents.

composer: United Sonic Alliance | duration: 22 seconds | size: 3.78 Mb

Price: $25.95
Mr Cool   full length track

Mr Cool saunters confidently down the city street wearing a tailored suit, stylee sunglasses and a half smile on his face. Modern, jazzy.

composer: Robin Nathan | duration: 100 seconds | size: 25.17 Mb

Price: $24.95
Walk Away   full length track

Humorous and bouncy indi pop track with a great groove. Has a very hooky lead guitar part and a great beat.
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composer: Geoff Abraham | duration: 131 seconds | size: 22.14 Mb

Price: $29.99
Going Places   full length track

A catchy bass line starts and ends this track that reminds us of 80s melodies, synths and chorused guitars.
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composer: Hayim Kobi | duration: 124 seconds | size: 20.86 Mb

Price: $29.95
Carnival Ride   full length track

Quirky Keys and Punchy Guitars and Weirdo Noises Makes You Want to Watch Napoleon Dynamite Again, This is Some Seriously Twisted Stuff
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composer: Phil Madison | duration: 121 seconds | size: 22.15 Mb

Price: $34.95
Black Eyed Beans   full length track

contemporary quirky minimalistic track perfect for a modern reality show . Carries a careful yet almost comical tone -- forward under simple funny curious minimal underscore crude cruel mean mid tempo club low down hidden hiding spy comical time

composer: Ilya Kaplan | duration: 119 seconds | size: 20.07 Mb

Price: $34.99
Party In Aisle 17   Party In Aisle 17_60

Fun and funky salsa/pop ad bed, with horns, percussion, electric guitar, vibes, and turntable scratches make Mr. or Ms. average get a bit wild in the supermarket.

composer: Scott Lloyd Shelly | duration: 60 seconds | size: 10.15 Mb

Price: $34.95
Freedom dance   full length track

light and cheerful little track with new-age, electronic, and world influences. The groove establishes itself at around mark :50

composer: Ray Egan | duration: 210 seconds | size: 70.72 Mb

Price: $25.00

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