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Looking Back   full length track

Very minimal piano piece that gradually builds in dynamics to create a strong and emotional end

composer: Jack Pashley | duration: 154 seconds | size: 25.84 Mb

Price: $49.99
Sorrow   full length track

An emotional, heartfelt, strings, woodwinds and piano track. Conveys love, loss, sympathy, tenderness and an atmosphere of contemplation.
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composer: Score Studio | duration: 102 seconds | size: 17.18 Mb

Price: $49.95
Begin Again   full length track

Beautiful Piano instrumental with underlying synth pad and later joined by a simple Viola melody. Delicate and ambient with a subtle, uplifting build.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 60 seconds | size: 10.26 Mb

Price: $49.99
Lost In Space   full length track

Atmospheric post rock track with electric guitars, drums, bass and synths. Use anywhere a sense of emotional feel and reflection needs to be invoked.

composer: Sungtae Kim | duration: 126 seconds | size: 21.34 Mb

Price: $34.99
Noire Romance   full length track

A romantic yet very suave track, suitable for noir or detective genres. Features orchestral strings, a solo trombone and piano. Think of the 1960-1970's crime stories, or great movies such as Chinatown, Double Indemnity, Out of the Past, The Third Man, The Big Sleep or video games such as L.A. Noire. If you like the John Williams, Alan Silvestri or Jerry Goldsmith approach to romantic scores, you will like this one.
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composer: Cinesthetic | duration: 140 seconds | size: 26.92 Mb

Price: $30.00
Trust Issues   full length track

A somber and sad ambient track with piano, ethereal synth, light pulses and eerie synth pad. Ideal for uses involving struggle, mystery, tragedy, worry and confusion. Dark underscore for documentaries, montages and backstories.
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composer: Chris Hodges | duration: 97 seconds | size: 16.34 Mb

Price: $39.99
Going Home   full length track

A lo-fi indie track featuring piano and acoustic guitar. Tons of character. Listen closely and you can hear the bird sounds of Waiheke in there! Great for depicting melancholy, pathos, heartbreak or bitter sweet moments.

composer: Eric Bode | duration: 108 seconds | size: 18.17 Mb

Price: $34.95
Glimmers of Hope   full length track

Change can be painful even when it's the right thing to do. This song reflects a feeling of sadness for what might be left behind yet hope for where change might lead. Melancholy and reflective with glimmers of hope throughout, it's a wistful bumper for those going through a difficult time.

composer: Felix Magnus Grossmann | duration: 31 seconds | size: 5.80 Mb

Price: $34.00
Romantic Lake    full length track

Romantic and beautiful instrumental music track with piano, violin, sax and guitars. Will give amazing emotional and sentimental atmosphere for your projects and videos!

composer: SnowMusicStudio | duration: 200 seconds | size: 33.57 Mb

Price: $35.00
Loss For Words   full length track

Picked acoustic guitar, strings, and celeste. Very emotional and dramatic.

composer: Blindfold Sound | duration: 82 seconds | size: 13.79 Mb

Price: $49.95
Sweet Memories   full length track

Heartfelt piano melodies and sincere strings round out this Contemporary Instrumental entitled 'Sweet Memories'. This honest composition is the perfect fit for all film, television and commercial productions looking for a warm and innocent sound.
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composer: Robin Munson, Art Munson | duration: 132 seconds | size: 22.21 Mb

Price: $39.95
Sentiment Piano   full length track

Melodic and sentimental track about bygone times, warm memories and all wonderful moments that will never be repeated. Sad a little, but with the strong foundation of drums and bass. Melody is played on guitar.

composer: Nazar Rybak | duration: 113 seconds | size: 19.09 Mb

Price: $29.95

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