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Nutcracker Ouverture   full length track

The famous Christmas melody from Tchaikovsky Nutcracker. Great for holiday specials and commercials. Traditional orchestral.

composer: Alex Khaskin | duration: 45 seconds | size: 8.30 Mb

Price: $34.99
Deck the Halls Jazz   full length track

A jazzy and swinging version of a christmas classic.

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 129 seconds | size: 21.78 Mb

Price: $39.95
Goodwill   full length track

Happy, pleasant and heartwarming Piano, Strings and occasional Tubular Bell that could work well for Christmas themed projects, love, marriage or anything joyful and sentimental.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 93 seconds | size: 15.79 Mb

Price: $49.99
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen   full length track

A warm, mellow and emotional orchestral rendition of the popular Christmas carol. Great for commercials, adverts, presentations, trailers and projects that need to convey that traditional Christmas feel.
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composer: Score Studio | duration: 154 seconds | size: 22.50 Mb

Price: $49.95
It's Christmas Time   full length track

A joyful Christmas song, with happy lyrics, a sweet melody and a nice arrangement, where piano, guitars and ukuleles are perfectly blended with a gorgeous orchestra. An instant holiday classic, great for any Christmas related production. Instrumental version also available, perfect as background music.
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composer: White Cat Music | duration: 220 seconds | size: 37.14 Mb

Price: $49.00
Beautiful day   full length track

Beautiful tune that will brighten the day of your viewers. The melody fills the heart with a feel good and calm serenity which makes it ideal as a Christmas tune for commercials, TV shows, romantic comedies and contemplative scenes. When light orchestral instruments unite to make your viewers happy!
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composer: Edouard Andre Reny | duration: 88 seconds | size: 14.92 Mb

Price: $49.00
Best Season Of The Year   full length track

A light and gentle, very acoustic and organic track appealing with a sense of festiveness with pizzicato strings, glockenspiel and vibraphone. Fit for commercials and children's media.
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composer: Sungtae Kim | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.48 Mb

Price: $29.99
Christmas Adventure   full length track

The Jolliest and Sweetest Christmas Track in Town! With warm Melodies on Horns, Flutes, Violins, and Celesta, supported by a Bouncy and Upbeat Orchestra and those all important Sleigh Bells! The Perfect track for any Holiday and Christmas needs!

composer: Clark Aboud | duration: 94 seconds | size: 19.33 Mb

Price: $39.99
Christmas Greetings   full length track

A christmas themed track with Sleigh Bells, Choir and Orchestral elements with uplifting melodies to put anyone immediately into the christmas spirit.

composer: Kyle Booth | duration: 110 seconds | size: 17.59 Mb

Price: $39.95
Beautiful Baroque   full length track

This original track sets the mood and gives the feeling of the joy of the holiday season, written in a Baroque-style as Bach, Mozart or Haydn. Very light classical and elegant music track.
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composer: Adi Goldstein | duration: 90 seconds | size: 10.16 Mb

Price: $30.00
Carol of the Bells   full length track

A jazz-waltz treatment of the holiday classic. The instrumental track features brush drums, upright bass, electric piano and electric guitars. Great for background music for TV or film.

composer: Gary Wolk | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.27 Mb

Price: $29.95
Hark the Herald Angels Sing   full length track

This contemporary arrangement of a Christmas classic features keyboards, electronic rhythms, pulsing bass, drums, and orchestral strings and brass. Perfect for commercial Christmas videos, corporate Christmas projects, and promos.

composer: Jason Garner | duration: 278 seconds | size: 48.48 Mb

Price: $19.00

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