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The Birch   full length track

A orchestral track that creates a magical and enchanted mood. Perfect for a dreamy, flying, night scene.

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.38 Mb

Price: $50.00
Fresh Captives   full length track

Lush, deep and reflective blend of tropical, world, lounge, hip hop and electronic elements. Very contemplative and introspective. Could work very well for investigative, CSI, urban drama, romance or adult scenes.
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composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 187 seconds | size: 32.33 Mb

Price: $49.95
At The Circus   full length track

3/4 Quirky pizzicato strings with woodwinds, and a xylophone playing an adventurous melody. It has a misterious feeling as well as a silly one. Some orchestral flavours added to enhance the goofy mood. Perfect as underscore for cartoons, commercials, children, comedy, dramedy.
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composer: Marco Pesci | duration: 107 seconds | size: 18.08 Mb

Price: $59.95
Full Of Empty Space   full length track

Beautiful and atmospheric guitar and strings.

composer: Blindfold Sound | duration: 145 seconds | size: 24.52 Mb

Price: $59.95
A Beautiful Mystery   full length track

A track based on marimba in the style of the American Beauty soundtrack by Thomas Newman. Has a mysterious, yet intelligent feel to it and works in a cinematic context as well as in a corporate explainer video about a scientific breakthrough.

composer: AvenueMusic | duration: 148 seconds | size: 24.95 Mb

Price: $49.00
Energetic & Upbeat   full length track

Energetic and upbeat background music. Optimistic, carefree and happy, yet unobtrusive enough to put your message centre stage. Funky guitar riffing, rhythmic clapping / hand claps and a simple stomping kick provide a great backdrop for a simple and catchy glockenspiel hook.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 129 seconds | size: 21.77 Mb

Price: $39.95
Stories of the Middle East   full length track

Atmospheric and calm oriental/Arabian music with stunning ethnic flutes, distant chants and detailed tribal percussion setting a peaceful but somewhat concerned mood. Contemplative, perfect for that wide angle shot to put things into perspective. Available in many different edits/versions.
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composer: ScoreWeaver | duration: 106 seconds | size: 17.88 Mb

Price: $49.95
Deck The Halls - Green Remix   full length track

What would happen if Green Day teamed up with Brian May to play a Christmas Carol? Bombastic drums, pumping bass lines, triple harmony lead guitars... Oh, and sleigh bells...
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composer: Trad. arr. by michele vanni | duration: 151 seconds | size: 25.71 Mb

Price: $34.90
Snowflake   full length track

A happy and cheerful Christmas original. Full of seasons greetings and holiday cheer, this track is bright, playful and features all the sounds that make christmas special.
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composer: Abbas Premjee | duration: 98 seconds | size: 16.51 Mb

Price: $74.95
High Adrenaline   full length track

Tight and heavy detuned distorted guitars with bashing drums. Ideal for extreme sports videos, intense military video games, UFC, ESPN, NFL and action cues. In the style of Metallica, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Rammstein.
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composer: Chris Hodges | duration: 77 seconds | size: 12.92 Mb

Price: $39.95
Watergun Blues   full length track

Modern electro-acoustic blues with hand drums, slide guitar and tribal beats. Shades of Afro-beat and arabic tribal music add to this interesting mix of cultures a la ry cooder.
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composer: Zander Sehkri | duration: 60 seconds | size: 16.64 Mb

Price: $29.95
Hip Hop Jazz   full length track

Hip hop jazz instrumental, think Macy Gray and Erykah Badu. Sophisticated and a bit chilled in sound. Sentimental, soft, soothing and serene! afro-american, light, sexy, sweet ,upscale, wistful, yearning

composer: Michael Nickolas | duration: 66 seconds | size: 11.15 Mb

Price: $39.99

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