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Happy As A Clam   full length track

Happy As A Clam is a joyful and fun instrumental track featuring ukulele, piano, acoustic guitar, and some light percussion. Perfect for summer, promos, lifestyle, and family productions.
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composer: Michael Scott Weber | duration: 95 seconds | size: 16.03 Mb

Price: $50.00
Who is There   full length track

Think Shutter Island & Inception. Cool groove with some tension but not to much. Good track for a suspense trailer or cue.

composer: Raphael Costa | duration: 41 seconds | size: 11.20 Mb

Price: $19.95
Summer Nights   full length track

An upbeat, modern classic in the EDM style with driving beats and bass, subtle electronics and acoustic instruments for that natural sound. Pairs well with visuals that need a steady-driving modern music.

composer: Zander Sehkri | duration: 133 seconds | size: 36.73 Mb

Price: $29.95
The Weather Where You Are   full length track

An upbeat and catchy theme for news,weather or financial. Featuring Strings, timpani and electronics. Available in a variety of lengths and edits.
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composer: Eric Bode | duration: 166 seconds | size: 28.04 Mb

Price: $44.95
Faded Polaroid   full length track

Peaceful, thoughtful, reflective, tranquil, nostalgic & atmospheric track evocative of memories flooding back. Soft, soothing, serene, dreamy & emotional. Float away on clouds of beautiful thoughts of past loves, what ifs & what might have been. Would romantic / dramatic / cinematic / documentary projects

composer: Dan Morrissey | duration: 112 seconds | size: 18.94 Mb

Price: $34.99
Once In A Lifetime   full length track

An uplifting and positive soft rock/pop track. Driving by electric synths , muted and delayed guitar. Perfect for presentations, advertising, Travel & sports.
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composer: Adi Goldstein | duration: 123 seconds | size: 20.80 Mb

Price: $42.00
Corporate Voyager   full length track

Modern catchy dance track, multi demographic track, corporate ad campaign, video presentation, vido games, news track or film scene, motivational, positive and uplifting, the sound of the city.
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composer: Justin Brett | duration: 114 seconds | size: 19.14 Mb

Price: $25.00
Urban Highlander   full length track

Urban Highlander is a hip, festive, eclectic world beat track that blends dirty, modern beats with ethnic folk elements of the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Excellent underscore for Northern European travel, promo or documentary. Football, World Cup, Rugby, Nordic skiing, Irish step dancing. Celtic dancing.
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composer: APAMusic | duration: 70 seconds | size: 11.78 Mb

Price: $39.95
Positive Inspiration   full length track

Energetic, inspirational and emotional song featuring a acoustic guitar riff, piano and uplifting strings. Great for commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film, emotional and motivating projects.
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composer: Tim Besamusca | duration: 120 seconds | size: 20.19 Mb

Price: $49.95
Inspiring    full length track

Inspiring, beautiful and upbeat background music. A mesmerizing piano and glockenspiel capture the listener's attention - while an energetic beat provides a steady backbone for this uplifting piece.
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composer: Priscila Najar | duration: 146 seconds | size: 24.64 Mb

Price: $39.95
Movie Reel Memories   full length track

An ambient piece that seems to capture the wonder and longing of the afterlife. It can soothe your mind and cause a feeling of peace, but also conjure up nostalgic feelings of the past or a strange sense of the future, hinting at our own eternal nature and destiny.

composer: Erick McNerney | duration: 116 seconds | size: 19.52 Mb

Price: $14.00
Sweet Potato Pie   full length track

It's a fun filled southern country day, good food, good times and happy people. An upbeat good time country instrumental with plenty of bounce. Smooth guitar picking, a bouncy swinging rhythm sure to kick up your heels, YEEHAW! Good for all media needing a happy good time country sound. Just too happy!!
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composer: Joey Stebanuk | duration: 60 seconds | size: 10.09 Mb

Price: $29.99

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