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Happy Go Lucky   full length track

cheerful and uplifting music with upbeat ukulele strumming, claps and an optimistic marimba melody. Best for happy corporate videos, modern time advertising and commercials, presentations and inspiring children’s applications. feelgood fun track in a happy go lucky success mood
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composer: Dvir silverstone | duration: 126 seconds | size: 21.23 Mb

Price: $29.95
Uplifting   full length track

Uplifting is an instrumental corporate rock track that features muted electric guitars, piano, and acoustic guitar.
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composer: Michael Scott Weber | duration: 189 seconds | size: 31.71 Mb

Price: $50.00
Urban Blight   full length track

Dark, desolate, emotive and organic electronica great for films and documentaries with a serious message or relaxing, dreamy and modern theme. Features various synths, piano and laidback Hip Hop beat.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 176 seconds | size: 29.64 Mb

Price: $49.99
Spanish Matador and Bull Fighting   full length track

Lively and dramatic, full bodied and colourful Flamenco dance, characteristic of Southern Spain. Think Matador at a bullfight - a real intense flavour of Spain. Features trumpet, flamenco guitars, flamenco fx, castinets & hand claps. Main mix, underscore & 2 x 30sec versions. Instrumental, Latin, Flamenco
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composer: Alex Khaskin | duration: 135 seconds | size: 22.97 Mb

Price: $44.99
Acts of a Vampiric Nature   full length track

A suspenseful and atonal horror piece that create a unsettling and terrifying atmosphere. Starts off with a tremolo string pattern before building with dissonant brass and heavy drums. Could used primarily in horror films or tv shows.

composer: Kyle Booth | duration: 89 seconds | size: 14.97 Mb

Price: $39.95
Inspirational Daydream   full length track

Corporate success track. This track is meant to be a very upbeat, positive, and happy track that a company can use to identify their advertisements, or presentations with a very confident message.

composer: Nazar Rybak | duration: 153 seconds | size: 25.83 Mb

Price: $29.95
Deck the Halls Jazz   full length track

A jazzy and swinging version of a christmas classic.

composer: Christian Larssen | duration: 129 seconds | size: 21.78 Mb

Price: $39.95
The Plan   full length track

Extreme Grooooove...this track has so many elements to it - hard to imagine what it would not fit. Think of any plotting and planning scene from the Oceans films. It starts with a humble and tired sounding acoustic guitar and builds dramatically in layers and excitement, until there is a full swing band, piano solos, hand claps and cheering.

composer: Richard Bodgers | duration: 180 seconds | size: 30.28 Mb

Price: $49.95
Blue Inferno Trailer   full length track

Hybrid Trailer with epic orchestral, digital and dubstep elements. Many sections for you to cut and paste to fit your project if it was written specifically for it.
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composer: Jeffrey Peterson | duration: 138 seconds | size: 23.22 Mb

Price: $39.99
Upbeat Acoustic   full length track

Happy, upbeat and uplifting music with a playful summer feel. Intruments include, ukulele, piano, whistling, glockenspiel, clapping hands and drums.
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composer: Hakan Eriksson | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.48 Mb

Price: $20.00
Laidback Acoustic Pop   full length track

Nice and easy flowing acoustic pop song. Great feelgood background music for ads, television and reality. Some tasty and soothing guitar licks and melodies and a punchy brushed drum groove make this piece stand out.
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composer: Vincent Pedulla | duration: 167 seconds | size: 28.77 Mb

Price: $29.95
Lessons Learnt   full length track

A heartfelt piano piece with accompanying solo Cello. Perfect for scenes of encouragement and determination without being over the top epic.

composer: Peter Cavallo | duration: 174 seconds | size: 29.24 Mb

Price: $45.00

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