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Puffy Little Clouds   full length track

Smile along with this happy go lucky corporate music tune that evokes thoughts of uplifting productivity and business on the rise.

composer: Felix Magnus Grossmann | duration: 121 seconds | size: 20.39 Mb

Price: $29.00
Noire Romance   full length track

A romantic yet very suave track, suitable for noir or detective genres. Features orchestral strings, a solo trombone and piano. Think of the 1960-1970's crime stories, or great movies such as Chinatown, Double Indemnity, Out of the Past, The Third Man, The Big Sleep or video games such as L.A. Noire. If you like the John Williams, Alan Silvestri or Jerry Goldsmith approach to romantic scores, you will like this one.
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composer: Cinesthetic | duration: 140 seconds | size: 26.92 Mb

Price: $30.00
Ice Cocktail 2   full length track

Chillout relaxed electronic instrumental track perfect for slideshows, timelapse videos, lounge room, coffee house, restaurant and hotels and another projects.

composer: SnowMusicStudio | duration: 127 seconds | size: 21.31 Mb

Price: $30.00
Down by the Bayou   full length track

Cool, laid back and groovy with a vintage hick vibe. Classic American goodness.
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composer: Abbas Premjee | duration: 125 seconds | size: 21.06 Mb

Price: $89.98
Daydream Immersion   full length track

An enchanting warm wash of color induced by a graceful piano melody floating above radiant guitar and subtle percussion. An ideal piece for any production in need of a soothing, peaceful, and comforting underscore.
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composer: Sleight | duration: 134 seconds | size: 22.54 Mb

Price: $30.00
Russian Vodka   full length track

Funny comedy music track with double bass, brass, orchestral drum kit, and sounds of russian vodka drinking. Good for russian culture movie scenes.

composer: Vyacheslav Vasylyev | duration: 129 seconds | size: 21.68 Mb

Price: $20.00
The Spirit of Life   full length track

An inspirational and positive orchestral piece with piano and strings. Perfect for game, show programs and more action pieces in film, advertisement or series about happy times, winners and having a great time. Instrumental, Dramatic, Energizing Music
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composer: Ron Verboom | duration: 111 seconds | size: 18.84 Mb

Price: $49.90
Reason To Be A Menace   full length track

Hard driving and menacing is what this song is all about. Pounding and punchy featuring razor edge guitars, real drums and groovy bass. Powerful, driving and explosive. Thick guitar chugs support the flowing lead sounds. Good for any high action sporting event or horror/scary film or television episode. Anything for a guy oriented network. Tough guys with dirty hard jobs. Great for an aggressive, dynamic dramatization. Dark, menacing and hypnotic.
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composer: Scott Ross | duration: 140 seconds | size: 23.71 Mb

Price: $39.99
Aquamarine   full length track

Modern music for contemporary corporate and new media. Works well for high-tech, information, multimedia, powerpoint presentations, medicine, science, technology, discovery, flash animation and adventure.

composer: Mikael Manvelyan | duration: 165 seconds | size: 27.81 Mb

Price: $37.00
Daylite Trap   full length track

Modern trap track, with heavy beats and horn blasts and rising melodies.

composer: Barry Gilbey | duration: 142 seconds | size: 23.94 Mb

Price: $49.99
Uplifting Backstory   full length track

A light, moving and inspirational track with ambient electric guitar, light pulses, piano, strings and ethereal synth. Ideal for motivational uses involving travel, success, happiness, life goals, family, friends and other positive uses. Great for documentaries, montages, time lapse and backstory videos.
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composer: Chris Hodges | duration: 128 seconds | size: 21.53 Mb

Price: $44.99
Runway Boutique   full length track

Sultry and simple House track with pulsing synths and funky four-to-the-floor beat. Great for fashion, technology, upscale nightlife and more.

composer: Stuart Moore | duration: 136 seconds | size: 23.04 Mb

Price: $49.99

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